Humble Beginnings 

Truly Sublime Photography's mission is to create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm, in a way that has never been captured.  Offering a variety of sessions to fulfill each client’s desire, while capturing the essence of each moment.  

Renowned Quality

Care is put into taking each individual photograph to make it as nostalgic as possible.  Images are then edited using professional editing software to enhance the beauty.  Truly bringing them to life.


With a beautiful studio location in Crystal Lake as well as the farm location you have a variety of unique locations for session to choose from.

The Dole Mansion is a beautiful and nostalgic piece of Crystal Lake's history.  Each room is more breathtaking than the last, guaranteeing your images be even more memorable and stunning. 

During the warm weather months you find us at the farm. Dream Rider's farm is a charming 13 acre pediatric therapy farm that has that amazing feeling or peace and serenity.  Each part of the farm is beautiful and unique.  From the 150 year old original barn that has been wonderfully maintained,  pastures filled with trained pediatric therapy horses to the tranquil pond and cabin.  There is no part of the property that can't be used for creating cherished memories.